Long-term-care systems

Long-term-care systems enable older people, who experience significant declines in capacity, to receive the care and support of others consistent with their basic rights, fundamental freedoms and human dignity.

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Global Network on Long-term care

The WHO Global Network on Long-term care(GNLTC)  will advise WHO on ways to create equitable and sustainable long-term care models for older people, with a focus on optimizing functional ability and achieving Healthy Ageing.

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To help caregivers, WHO has launched iSupport, a new online training and support programme. iSupport helps caregivers understand the impact of dementia, deal with challenging behaviour, provide good care, and take care of themselves.

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The WHO long-term care series

The WHO long-term care series aims to catalyse change and encourage the development of sustainable and equitable long-term care systems worldwide.

The series will do this by sharing regional experiences of long-term care, including gaps, challenges, models of care and support worth considering; and providing guidance on key issues, such as financing, human resourcing, monitoring and research.